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TAP Biosystems is a leading global provider of automated cell culture and fermentation systems to the bio-pharma, regenerative medicine and industrial biotechnology sectors, focusing on:
• Bioprocess development • Cell therapy & stem cell research
• GMP manufacture of biologics • Discovery research
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TAP Biosystems is now part of the Sartorius Stedim Biotech Group. The acquisition of TAP Biosystems will enable Sartorius to further extend its bioprocess portfolio in the area of fermentation, especially in the early phases of product and process development. Read more...>

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Automated cryovial filling for immunotherapies
Fill-It is routinely used to support clinical trials of novel cell-based cancer immunotherapies at children's oncology units in major US hospitals.
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Rapid production of NCI 60 cancer cell line panel
CompacT SelecT automated cell culture system maintains cancer cell line panels, such as the NCI 60, using a simple five-day workflow.
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