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automated cell culture systems

Automated cell culture - TAP systems in focus

Automated cell culture systems from TAP Biosystems offer improved productivity and quality of cell lines without process change. Our systems are used across a range of research and GMP applications.

Automated cell culture for screening - SelecT
SelecT is the leading automated cell culture system for multiple cell-lines and assay-ready plate production, with over 25 installations world-wide. It improves the speed, accuracy and consistency of cells generated and fully automates manual cell culture methods.
  • Automated cell culture lines are maintained and expanded in T-175 flasks.
  • The system design ensures that there is no cross contamination even when many cell lines (up to 182) are cultured in parallel.
  • Cells can be harvested, counted and seeded without operator intervention - at any time, day or night, to help optimise screening productivity.
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Automated cell culture for high quality cells and assay ready plates - CompacT SelecT
CompacT SelecT™, is the leading automated cell culture system, used in labs across commercial and academic life science. It is now available with new options to enable the culturing of complex cell lines for oncology programmes, stem cell research and toxicity studies.
  • Expansion and maintenance of multiple cell lines
  • Sub culturing
  • Expanding cell numbers through the seeding of a number of flasks
  • Transient transfection
  • Harvesting and plating of cells for assays and screening
  • Harvesting of cells in flasks for off-line processing
Automated cell culture on a large-scale with production in roller bottles and T-flasks - Cellmate
Cellmate is an established automated cell culture system that fully automates all the processes needed to culture cells in roller bottles and T-flasks. It takes automated cell culture processing from the lab bench to high volume production without process change.
The latest generation of Cellmate is supplied with software to support the validation of the system, if used in processes that require compliance with a 21 CFR Part 11.
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