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SelecT has become the ‘gold standard’ for cell culture to provide cellular reagents for cell-based screening. It has been installed in over 40 laboratories including all the major pharmaceutical research companies. The system is used in a wide variety of ways, both to provide cells for 1536 well uHTS screening campaigns as well as maintaining multiple cell lines (20+) in support of therapeutic area research.
HYPERflask and Triple flask processing options can be added to increase the incubation capacity and allow rapid output of bulk cell suspensions. These can be used directly in assay systems or for freezing into cryovials as part of a frozen cell screening strategy.
  • ATCC chose SelecT for their cell culture production suite to manufacture stocks of their most commonly requested cell lines
  • CAT chose SelecT to produce large quantities of cells daily for the screening of antibody based drug candidates
  • GSK chose SelecT to provide consistent, high quality cells for various receptor-based assays
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