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“Evaluation and Commissioning of Automated Cryovial Dispensing System in GMP Cell Culture Facility”
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Fill-It - system overview - 
Leading automated cryovial filling system for cell banking

Fill-It - rapid dispensing of cell suspensions from bulk stock

fill-it is a standalone product for dispensing cell suspensions and other liquids into screw-cap microtubes and cryovials, and includes automation for removing and replacing the tube caps.
fill-it enables the rapid creation of high quality, consistent stock tubes for centralised cell line libraries, screening operations or GMP production cell banks and can be used with both mammalian and microbial cell suspensions. The system may also be used for the rapid dispensing of other biological and non-biological liquids into screw top microtubes and cryovials.
Fill-It - key features:
  • Automatically decaps, fills and recaps screw-cap microtubes held in
    96, 48 and 24-way racks
  • Compatible with Nunc, Matrix, Corning and Greiner microtubes
  • Automated tube rack transport system ensures easy loading and operation
  • Sterile disposable tube-set providing the fluid path
  • Fits within a standard laboratory tissue culture cabinet
  • Simple user interface to minimise validation requirements and training procedures
Fill-It - key benefits:
  • Consistent, high quality cell stock tubes
  • Increased batch sizes and reduced QC overhead
  • Reduced risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Helps maintain sample integrity due to lower risk of contamination when compared to manual processing
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