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CompacT SelecT and CompacT CellBase
  The flow diagram below describes the processing of a cell line in the
CompacT SelecT system.
  The reagent requirements for the system include cell culture media and additives, enzymatic and/or chemical reagents for the removal of cells from the surface of the T-175 flask
e.g. trypsin, accutase, all connected to the system via the peristaltic pumps. CompacT SelecT is also able to perform transient transfections if required. The system utilises standard labware such as T-175 flasks, 96 and/or 384 SBS format microtitre plates and 10 ml plastic pipettes.
  CompacT SelecT can output either cells dispensed into plates for assays or harvested cells in T-175 flasks for off-line processing.
  Once loaded with reagents and labware the system can then run unattended, performing all of the cell culture processes to grow, expand and maintain or output as required.
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  CompacT CellBase is a new automated cell culture system fully automating the manual cell culture methods but without automatic plating.
  CompacT CellBase is the flask-processing module derived from CompacT SelecT for automated, multiple cell line maintenance such that the cells could be used for varied processes downstream. Like CompacT SelecT, it improves the reliability, accuracy, and consistency of producing cells generated for applications such as cell therapies.
  The aseptic processing environment that has proven so reliable in SelecT in successfully culturing hundreds of thousands of flasks without contamination is retained in CompacT CellBase. Using standard tissue culture flasks virtually any attachment dependant cells grown manually in T flasks can be rapidly introduced on to the system without developing new procedures and output as harvested cell suspension in flasks .
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