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CompacT SelecT
CompacT SelecT Interactive
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“Stem Cell Production: Overcoming the technical and commercial challenges"
by D Thomas, TAP Biosystems
Innovations in Pharmaceutical
Technology, Issue 43
CompacT SelecT - System Overview. Automated cell culture for high quality cells and assay-ready plates, suitable for smaller, medium throughput labs
Multiple cell line maintenance and assay-ready plate production - CompacT SelecT
CompacT SelecT™ is the leading automated cell culture system, used in labs across commercial and academic life science. It is now available with new options to enable the culturing of complex cell lines for oncology programmes, stem cell research and toxicity studies.
  CompacT SelecT grows cells from multiple cell lines in T-flasks for cell line maintenance and expansion. It can generate assay-ready plates on demand for cell-based screening and assay development.
  Over 40 systems are in use in laboratories across the world - including many for automated stem cell culture and related research applications.
Flasks are automatically loaded and retrieved from the incubator which is monitored for temperature and CO2
The harvested contents of several flasks
are pooled and then will be poured
into a new flask.
CompacT SelecT automates
  • Expansion and maintenance of multiple cell lines
  • Sub culturing
  • Expanding cell numbers through the seeding of a number of flasks
  • Transient transfection
  • Harvesting and plating of cells for assays and screening
  • Harvesting of cells in flasks for off-line processing
  • Incubation of up to 90 T 175 format flasks and 210 plates
  • Cell counting and viability measurement
  • Processing of single, Triple and 10 layer (HYPERFlask) flasks
  • Plating into 96 and 384-well plates
CompacT SelecT optional upgrades
  CompacT SelecT is now available with new options to enable the culturing of primary cells and stem cell lines for oncology programmes, stem cell research and toxicity studies
Learn more about the new options for
CompacT SelecT

Take the CompacT SelecT New Options 'Interactive Tour'
CompacT SelecT offers
  • Easy protocol editing and scheduling of tasks
  • Total flexibility in batch size and numbers of cell lines
  • Full audit trail security via bar coded tracking of flasks and plates
  • Continuous unattended operation
  • Small footprint 2.75m x 1.1m
  • Integrated Multidrop™ cell dispenser for 96 and 384-well plates
  • SelPlan scheduling software to enable workloads to be organised, capacity maximised and consumables usage tracked
  CompacT SelecT delivers dramatic improvements in throughput, productivity and quality for cell-based assays for drug discovery.
CompacT SelecT or SelecT - see differences in capacity
  What are the differences in capacity of CompacT SelecT compared to SelecT?
  View a CompacT SelecT to SelecT comparison chart
CompacT SelecT automates
  • Assay development
  • Screening
  • Lead optimisation
  • Regenerative medicine and stem cell research
  For more information on CompacT SelecT:
  Get more detail on the system's key applications:
stem cell research, target identification, assay development and lead optimisation
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