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Chaillet M, Garzoni F, Yau-Rose S, Zoro B, Berger I
Comparison of growth and multiprotein production in shake flask and automated miniature bioreactor (ambr) cultures
IsBioTech Annual Meeting, Virginia, March 2013 - View Poster >>
Brindley D A, Wall I B and Bure K E
Automation of Cell Therapy Biomanufacturing - Minimizing Regulatory Risks and Maximizing Return on Investment
BioProcess International (Cell Therapy Supplement) March 2013 - View Article >>
Schaub J
Automation in Cell Line Development and Early Integration of Process Development Aspects in Clone Screening and Selection
Cell Line Development & Engineering Conference, February 2013
Jirka J, Collie G, Morse B, Gutshall L
Application of the TAP advanced microbioreactor system to HEK293 transient protein expression
CHI Annual PepTalk Meeting, Palm Springs, January 2013
Shi S
A high-throughput automated platform for the development of manufacturing cell lines for protein therapeutics
CHI Annual PepTalk Meeting, Palm Springs, January 2013
Varley P
Perspectives on cell culture for biopharmaceutical development
ESACT Annual Meeting, UK, January 2013
Ngibuini M
Reducing Biomanufacturing Bottlenecks: Scale-Down Reactor Automates Parameter Control and Facilitates Development
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 1st Jan 2013 - View article online at the GEN website >>
Thomas D
Stem Cell Production: Overcoming the technical and commercial challenges
Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology, Issue 43, 2012 - Download PDF Article >>
Hsu W, Aulakh R, Traul D, Yuk I
Advanced microscale bioreactor system: a representative scale-down model for bench-top bioreactors
Cytotechnology, 64:667-678
Moses S, Manahan M, Ambrogelly II A, Alexandre L, Wai L
Assessment of ambr as a model for high-throughput cell culture process development strategy
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology, 3, 918-927
Tolstrup A
Tailoring product quality attributes through cell line development and process development
CHI 4th Annual Bioprocessing Summit, Boston, August 2012
Kaufmann H
Speed and Flexibility – Key to success in Biopharmaceutical process development and clinical supply
BioProcess International, Shanghai, August 2012
Ratcliffe E, Glen K, Workman V, Stacey A, Thomas R
A novel bioreactor for scalable process optimisation of haematopoietic stem cell culture
Journal of Biotechnology
Hinchcliffe M
Evaluating automated micro-bioreactors for the selection of high producing mammalian cell lines
Cell Line Development & Engineering, San Fransisco, June 2012
Zoro B
Characterisation of an Automated bioreactor with CHO clone ranking, process optimisation and DoE
BioProcessing & Stem Cell Europe, June 2012
Wylde Andrew et al
Expansion and differentiation of stem cells into red blood cells: Moving towards cost-efficient ex vivo production of blood
Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology, Issue 41, 2012 - www.iptonline.com
Skoging-Nyberg U
Automated in Cell Line Development to select suitable clones for manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals
ESACT UK 22nd Annual Meeting, January 2012
Glen K
Optimising the Production of Red Blood Cells from Haematopoietic Stem Cells
ELRIG Meeting – Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine, Cambridge, 8 Nov 2011
Guy S, Thomas D, Foster M, Ward T
Optimizing Production of Cell Banks Using an Automated Cryovial Processor
Bioprocessing Journal 2011 Vol.10/No. 2 - Download PDF Article >>
Wales R
Automated Parallel Bioreactor Systems for Rapid selection of microbial strains or mammalian cell lines and scalable process optimisation
Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology IX, Marco Island, Nov 6-9 2011
Drake RAL
A novel, rapid and automated method for creating 3D tissue models to study complex cell behaviour
Cell Based Assays conference, London, 11-13 October 2011
Carpio A, Patel S
Evaluation of the advanced microscale bioreactor (ambr) system for use in production
cell line development
Bioprocess Summit, Boston, 22-25 August 2011
Gorba T, McLaren D, Maman S, Vickers R, Tinsley J, Lingard S, Bootman M, Vives J, Pillai G,
Tsukamoto A.
Validation of adherent, non-Immortalized mouse and human neural stem cell technology for scale-up, automated culture and high-throughput screening in a cell proliferation /viability assay
ISSCR Toronto 15-18 June 2011
Drake RAL 2011
Challenges in ex-vivo expansion of cell therapy products and automated manufacturing
ISCT conference, 18-21 May 2011
Mason A
Scaling down bioreactor process development: Comparison of micro-bioreactor and bench scale solutions.
Bioprocess International, Nice, 7 April 2011
Moses S, Manahan M, Ling WL
Evaluation of ambr micro-bioreactor system for cell culture process development of therapeutic antibodies
PEP TALK, San Diego, 10-14 Jan 2011
Ivanova H
Using microbioreactors to explore antibody glycosylation profiles
ESACT UK, Loughborough, 12-13 Jan 2011
Newble D
Assessing and Implementing Automation for cell therapy
Life Technologies Cell Therapy Summit, 4th November 2010
Drake RAL
Novel approach to automating and scaling up of collagen-based scaffolds for therapy and screening
TERMIS, Galway 13-17 June 2010
Foster M
Evaluation and Commissioning of an Automated Cryovial Dispensing System in a GMP Cell Culture Facility
BioProcess International, Vienna, 19 May 2010
Drake RAL
Automation - the route to successful scale-up and manufacture for cell-based therapies?
Translational Regenerative Medicine Conference, London, 30-31 March 2010
Lewis G, Lugg R, Lee K, Wales R
Novel Automated Micro-Scale Bioreactor Technology: A Qualitative and Quantitative Mimic for Early Process Development
Bioprocessing Journal, 2010, 9 (1), 22-25. - Download PDF Article >>
Liu Y, Hourd P, Chandra A, Williams DJ
Human cell culture process capability: a comparison of manual and automated production
Journal of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine, 2010, 4,1, 45-54
Levis H J, Brown R A, Daniels J T
Plastic compressed collagen as a biomimetic substrate for human limbal epithelial cell culture
Biomaterials, 2010, 7726-7737



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